Side Projects

  • My Dev Portal

    Winter 2013 - A place to track and share my projects with others. It will be a work-in-progress and evolve with the technological trends.

    Twilio API . CSS3 . HTML5 . C# . NET MVC 4 . SQL Server . jQuery . Pencil Wireframe Tool . Photoshop . Github

  • Tube Alarm

    Fall 2013 - Tube Alarm is my first Android app released into the Play Store. The goal was to create a convenient way to set any song or video as my wake up tune. The alarm uses YouTube as your library, giving you unlimited choices to start your morning.

    Java . Android . YouTube API . SQLite . Eclipse . Github . Pencil Wireframe Tool . Photoshop


    Winter 2012 - RatherThis is a fun little project I hacked together for my friends and I where the user can ask any question phrased as "Would you rather...". My friends and I like to ask a variety of silly questions to each other. We noticed that a lot of our theoretical questions follow the format of "Would you rather do this... or this...?". So this led to the creation of a site that let's us ask and answer these kind of questions.

    C# . NET MVC 3 . SQL Server . VS 2012 . jQuery . AJAX services . Photoshop